Joshua Blissett – President

Joshua “Josh” Blissett

Degree and graduation year: BS in Psychology, UAB, 2000
Hometown: Maurice, Louisiana
Current city: Vallejo, California
Occupation: Wine Portfolio Manager

As a UAB student in the late ’90s, there wasn’t much to root for on the gridiron. My first Auburn game was Auburn vs LSU in 2000, and I immediately fell in love with The Auburn Family atmosphere. I started watching games with the NorCal AU Club when I moved to the Bay Area in 2009, and have been an active part of the NorCal Family since then.

Favorite Auburn memory: Watching the Kick Six with the NorCal Auburn Club at Ricky’s in San Leandro. The feeling of complete shock and utter exhilaration as Davis raced down that sideline, and we realized we were going to win the game was like nothing else!

What I’m doing for the Club: I’m the current club president, helping with club organization and communication strategy in an effort to formalize the club into a cohesive unit, and to increase our scholarship fundraising and overall participation.

Vance Noonan – Vice President

Vance Noonan

Degree and graduation year: BS in Mechanical Engineering, 1994
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
Current city: Grass Valley, California
Occupation: Instructor Pilot

My family moved to Tennessee when I was seven. When I was looking for colleges in high school, our veterinarians suggested I check out their alma mater, Auburn University. I had already visited several schools around the country and the minute I stepped foot on campus I knew that I was home. I joined the USAF through Auburn’s ROTC program and was fortunate enough to become a pilot for the Air Force. I was stationed at Beale AFB for 5 years. After I retired in 2014, I got a job in San Diego where I got involved in the San Diego Auburn Club. I moved back to NorCal in 2019 and love living in beautiful Grass Valley!

Favorite Auburn memory: The 1993 Iron Bowl was only the second ever time that that other school from the great state of Alabama had ever played in Jordan Hare stadium. Auburn was riding a 10-0 win streak under first year head coach Terry Bowden and, due to circumstances beyond the control of anyone on that team, we were on probation and banned from both post-season play and television appearances. Midway through the third quarter, with Auburn trailing 14-5, starting quarterback Stan White was sacked and injured. Backup quarterback Patrick Nix, father of Bo Nix, stepped onto the field in a 4th and 15 situation and made THE PLAY. Nix to Sanders. Nix completed a 35 yard strike to Frank Sanders and sparked what ended up becoming a 22-14 victory for Auburn. We finished the season with an unbelievable perfect 11-0 record.

What I’m doing for the Club: I’m the current club vice-president. In addition to assisting Josh with whatever he needs, I organize and run the Sacramento area watch parties and events.

Arthur Mendes – Finance Manager

Arthur Mendes

Degree and graduation year: BS in Finance, 2016
Hometown: Vitoria, Brazil
Current city: San Jose, California
Occupation: Business Analyst

Moving from another country is always a little stressful. Luckily, in Auburn, I found some of the most welcoming and friendly folks I had the pleasure of crossing paths. I went to Auburn to be a Student-Athlete, and my experience was unforgettable. I moved to the Bay Area to pursue my second Master’s Degree in 2018, and I recently joined the NorCal Auburn Club to help wherever I can.

Favorite Auburn memory: I have many unforgettable memories from my time at Auburn, but if I had to choose, one would be rushing the field in 2013 after the Iron Bowl. It was indeed a one-of-a-kind experience.

What I’m doing for the Club: I’m helping with club finances, new events, alumni engagement, and overall organization.

Caroline Green – Communications Director

Caroline Green

Degree and graduation year: BS in Marketing & Finance, 2016
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Current City: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Digital Media Manager

I was unsure where I wanted to go to college, but was lucky enough to visit my sister a couple times at Auburn while I was in high school. The culture and community stood out against any other school I had visited. A couple years later, I enrolled at Auburn and had the best four years. I didn’t know many coming from Texas, but it was such a welcoming place that I felt right at home. I moved to SF in 2018 and have been lucky to travel back every year for a football game. I joined the Auburn Club in 2021 so that I could watch games with our incredible alumni and it’s been a great time!

Favorite Auburn memory: Attending Iron Bowl 2013 (Kick-Six).

What I’m doing for the Club: All the things communications.